Who is ORB Innovations?

ORB is a London-based company that has created the next generation of a sports wearable aiming to make contact sports safer and help teams win more. Initially targeting Rugby, American football, Boxing and (Ice) Hockey, ORB is developing a smart mouthguard that measures an athlete’s performance, enabling coaches to both improve players fitness and reduce their risk of injury. The same data collected for performance analysis is being used in concussion research to better understand where, when and why concussions occur, with the aim of identifying concussion at point of occurrence in the future. ORB aims to increase the knowledge base and understanding around concussion in contact sports whilst simultaneously improving the methods and effectiveness of athlete performance tracking.

What are the benefits of smartguard over other sports trackers?

It’s quite simple, really. Players can forget about extra wearables. At the same time we get unique high-quality data accessible only from within the mouth, so that we could provide teams with even more insights into player’s health and performance.

Where can I buy ORB’s smartguard?

If you are interested in buying the smartguards for your team, please get in touch. We are currently waitlisting customers for our pilot program at a discounted rate. We will be happy to provide you with more information.

How much does it cost?

ORB offers different packages depending on the team’s specific need. Currently, we are waitlisting customers for a pilot program at a discounted rate. To find out more about pricing, get in touch.