Do I need a Heavy Vehicle Learners Permit to drive a truck?

No, you can do all of your training with Mareeba Truck School and even sit your practical test without having one. However, MTS recommends that you complete the theory test sometime during the training.

How long do I need to hold my car licence before I am eligible to get my truck licence?

As per the Department of Transport website, the minimum requirements before upgrading can be found in the table below:

How hard is the Heavy Vehicle Leaners Permit? Can I practice the test beforehand?

The Heavy Vehicle Learners Permit consists of 10 basic multiple choice questions. MTS recommends that you practice enough as to achieve 10 out of 10, 3 times in a row then you will be right to go in to your closest Department of Transport Customer Service Centre and sit the test. The test costs approximately $25. To practice the test, use the link below.

Can I do my truck licence whilst being on my P's?

Yes, on Green P's only. Please see the table below for further clarification.

Can Mareeba Truck School book my test for me?

Yes! We can easily organise and book your test. Doing it this way ensures that the truck is definitely available for the test.

Where do I attend the lessons?

You can meet Locky at the Mareeba Department of Transport, located at 147 Walsh Street Mareeba. Or, if you'd like to arrange an alternate meeting point, please discuss this with us at the time of the booking! Click HERE for directions to the Mareeba Department of Transport.

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