Data-Driven Platform

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ORB Innovations is a data-driven platform with a connected biosensor. It is the only available technology that monitors your vitals & biomechanics (including head impacts) from a performance and health perspective, in real-time.

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Capture data easily, securely and with precision.

This quality of data allows our users to make better decisions about their personal performance, well-being and health.

Continuous Data Capture

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Conducted by external party over 20 minutes

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This quantity of data allows us to give our users scientifically valid and usable insights from day one.

ORB's Exponential Data Growth


The first application of our platform embeds ORB’s biosensor within a sports mouthguard.

First Use Case


It’s the world’s first sports mouthguard that provides real-time, continuous and non-invasive capture of both physiological data like heart rate, as well as biomechanical data like head impacts for assisting in understanding concussion.

A World First


It’s the only device that’s allowed on the rugby field or in the boxing ring that can monitor multiple vital signs.

It’s the only device that continuously collects head impact and physiological data throughout your session.

It’s the only device that combines head impact and physiological data, giving you a unique perspective on potential head injuries.

You can connect it with other on-field GPS tracking devices.


You can connect it to 3rd party Applications.

All of these features mean that you will be able to:

  • Perform to the best of your ability - whatever your level

  • Understand your body more holistically 

  • Track your progress over time

  • Improve your well-being

  • Reduce risk of injuries

Unique Benefits

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