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We've rebranded, and here's why

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Smart new logo marque, modern typography and a revived colour palette. Tick!

We're pleased to unleash our new branding to the world - another satisfying milestone in our startup journey.

Brand evolution

We have been working with freelance graphic designer, Jemma Pentney over the past few months to strengthen our branding and crystallise a clear company vision and mission.

{insert ORB Smartguard logo]

ORB Smartguard is our hero product which has been developed over the last four years to include smart sensors, flexible enough to wrap around the mouthguard. The product logo i inspired by biometrics with the structure representing a human cell (ORB Innovations), the parent company that encompasses everything, and the engine room, the nucleus, shown here as the ORB Smartguard logo icon.

[insert mission / vision with product graphic - incoming from Jemma]

What's next for ORB Innovations?

We continue to trial ORB Smartguard with prominent sports teams and athletes across the country. We're fortunate to have a team of data-driven engineers that want to impact change on the sports field, so momentum remains high in our London lab space!

By January 2022 we expect to receive a significant amount of funding to support with a number of company activities including:

  • head injury awareness - research project with UCLAN

  • product testing with x,y,z (who can we mention?)

  • partner app development in IOS and android which will measure additional biometric parameters

  • what else do we want to divulge?

If we can measure physiological biometrics, with lab accuracy, coaches can manage player welfare with greater efficiency.

Thanks for reading,

Robert and Thomas

If you'd like to trial ORB Smartguard please send us an enquiry via this form and one of the team will be in touch.

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